tintin and food porn

just what the title says

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thundering-typhoons asked: That drawing of Tintin is probably the best fanart I have seen.

Thank you <3 I’ve got a lot more Tintin fanart in this blog! :)

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caddie-land asked: Omg, your Tumblr is amazing, I love it! And I love fanarts about Tintin and Haddock's romance :3

Thank you <3

I totally “ship” these two :D Best (b)romance ever!

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funky-kami asked: Great snakes! It's your birthday! Sending the happiness of birthday wishes your way! I hope you have a fantastic day, and thank you so much for just being amazing. (Oh!! and don't forget to make a wish!) :D

Oops, why did I not see your message sooner! So sorry! Anyway here’s a big bunch of thanks! <3 *internet hug*

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dandypoots asked: Your art's fucking gorgeous, enough said

Aw thank you! <3